Encapsulated Image Layer Technology

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Encapsulated Image Layer Technology is the process engineered by Eastman Chemical Company used to construct an architectural-quality panel from their Spectarâ„¢ brand of PETG. Two sheets of Spectarâ„¢ resin are used to sandwich an image layer (called the "inclusion") between them. The image layer can be fabric, film, metal, organic, paper or photography. With heat and pressure, the resultant panel becomes an Architectural Resin Panel. The encapsulation process protects the inclusion and allows light to pass through and illuminate it. The more diaphanous the inclusion the more light is transmitted and is directly related to translucency. However, optically active inclusions can obscure transparency but still allow a high translucence level.

There are only four companies licensed by Eastman Chemical to manufacturer an EILT product; Duraglas, 3Form, Lumicor and Veritas.

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